Artist Bio

Tina Farrow is an American Mixed-Media Artist. Best known for her nickname "ROSWELL".  Her art is described as Mid-Century Modern with a twist of Contemporary Design. Using familiar shapes from the 50's/60's of (Googie Movement) Jetson's, Space Age, Eames Furniture, Vegas Signs, Atomic Architecture; and Retro shapes. She transforms these shapes into Modern Day with Bold, yet elegant, 2-D and 3-D wall hangings and standing sculptures. Each design is created uniquely and creatively as a "One Of A Kind Original". She occasionally commissions similar designs for cli­ents who want specific colors or sizes to match their space. Tina was born in Roswell NM in 1970, hence the nickname "ROSWELL". She jokingly says "I like to be 'Alienesque' and experiment like those little Aliens from Roswell and Area 51" "It's my personal Art License".


Her family moved around numerous times growing up making many places their home such as Northern California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. She resided in Albuquerque New Mexico for 23 years. She raised her 3 children and studied Art. She moved to Northern NM in 2010 where she met her Husband (ARTIST Robb Rocket. They have ventured into the Art World together for 8 years before they fell in love with Las Vegas, Nevada they now call home in 2020. Roswell works from their home studio and online gallery Retro-Mod Studio. Roswell started exhibiting her work in 2004 after being a commission artist during her years of study. She has held shows and exhibi­tions in many galleries around New Mexico, Colorado , California, and Nevada.

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Artist Statement


Loved by so many of us, the 50s and 60s Era. It was an exciting time! We had the flashy eye catching Vegas signs, Steamline furnishings, there was the Atomic Style, and of course (it was all about Space Age!) Also who could forget the Jetson's or Frank Loyd Wright (Googie Style). So many of those images and events growing up inspired me to become the artist I am today. As I say, "Here and now is the future!" expressed in Art by Roswell.


Each original piece is created uniquely and one of a kind. Each panel, being sculpted, and shaped where I then bring in Old Mid Century Modern style from the barrowed past to the the Modern/Contemporary present using exquisite hand crafted mixed media offerings . My work is designed for the BOLD collector.


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*Custom commission available on any piece Larger/Smaller scales and color schemes to match a collector's office or home. Contact Artist for details.


*All Art sold from Galleries by Roswell, 5 % is donated to St. Jude