Mixed Media Sculpt In Purpl

Retro-Mod Studio

Retro-Mod is a combined Studio and Online Gallery brought forth by Robb Rocket and Roswell. The two art partners begun their endeavour shortly after they married in 2012.

Retro-Mod offers a unique and a wide range of visual excellence based on past experiences and visions from the days gone by, with a new modern twist of today's styles.

Both artists have individual character whose work nicely compliment the others. They offer a great variety to art collectors, galleries, and enthusiasts abroad.

Several of our Artworks are on Display at Desert Valley Gallery, Tivoli Village, 400 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145



A Mixed- Media artist best known for Mid-Century Modern 50's-60's meets Contemporary / Abstract

Robb Rocket

An eccentric, Self-proclaimed "FREEBROW" Artist, who's influences are wide ranging.